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Forthcoming Event: September 25th 2021

As long as Covid 19 restrictions allow, Malcolm and I are hosting a cream tea party in our garden, near Ashford, Kent, on the afternoon of Saturday September 25th 2021, between the hours of 3.30 and 5.30pm.  Tickets are available, in advance only, through my e mail address,, at £10.00 per person.  All profits will be going to Pilgrims Hospices and I hope very much to sell 100 tickets.  Come along and enjoy the tea, buy something from the stalls or take part in croquet on the lawn!

May 2021

Hopefully the coronavirus virus pandemic will soon be less of a worry to us all, and we may eventually be able to get back to living normal lives?  I for one have really missed interacting with friends over a cup of tea, going to clubs such as my dance fit class and the U3A French conversation group which I used to host, regularly, in my dining room.  This month, or is it next, I believe we will at last be able to return to entering inside both pubs and restaurants? Won’t it be lovely to meet friends for a drink or a meal, knowing that you haven’t got a mound of washing, piling up beside your sink up to face afterwards!  I for one can’t wait to drop having a clean mask about my person for each and every visit to the corner shop or post office and it will be great just knowing that we will no longer have to queue politely outside, before being permitted to enter.

It really has been a long winter, hasn’t it, with cold weather continuing right up to May? We seem to have experienced a far greater degree of windy conditions, where we live anyway, plus the wind always seems to come from the North, and is therefore particularly biting!

I have been pretty busy this winter writing my new full colour cookery book for the older generation, entitled Eat Well to Age Well.  Designed for the over 55’s, with the aim being to to encourage them to eat healthily, the book is divided into different chapters.  Most of the recipes serve 2 people as I have discovered that as we get older, we are more often than not, catering for only 2 people on most days of the week.  Starters and light meals; microwave main meals for ones and twos; main meals; treats and desserts and lastly there are 4 x 2 course dinner party menus, each planned to feed 6 people.  The publisher, Hammersmith Health books has been, quite rightly so, very particular on the “healthy” aspect of the book and I have enjoyed the challenge of working hard on the nutritional content of the book, and have brought in a nutritionist to help me on the introduction, which is very detailed, and I hope valuable.